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This article-description started to exist after Sep 11,

2001 tragedy. You can find here political and financial news, brief description most

important articles of the website, current contests and lot of useful information. The

readers can check their bank accounts, investment accounts, find fresh financial news and

other useful information. Enjoy the reading.

Political and Life News Financial Services WeOffer Financial News

CBC Canada

Canoe Canadian news andinformation portal.

Globe and Mail Hill Times Weekly

newspaper on federal politics.

Conservative national daily.

Alternative daily news


Toronto Star Canadian

largest daily newspaper.

USA Today


New York Times

Japan Today.com

Kyodo Japan



News China Daily China.org.cn/english/ Russia News

?WorldAtlas Times Of India German Herald

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Bank of Canada Bloomberg Forbes Globeinvestor (Canada) Financil Times Financial Sense Scotia iTrade TD Waterhouse Yahoo Finance

Equity Trader -Technical Analysis

New York Times

line Economist Morningstar Canada

CNN Money RobTV Webcast

Forecast Universal Currency Converter Canada-com

CanadaAverage exchange rates (Taxation) Netfiling

and Family Benefits Online Calculator Canada Budget 2007

Budget of Canada 2009, 2008 Бюджет Канады: 2009, 2008, 2007… Child Business Week on-

Developed Countries News( go to top )

Australia News Austria News Brussels Times

Canadian Press

Denmark and Scandinavia
Finland News

France Daily

Deutsche Welle

The Jerusalem Post Israel

News Japan Com Radio Netherlands Norway Globe (Oslo

Daily) Sweden Globe

Swiss Daily Taipei Times Times Online

Michael Arbetov offers Financial Planning (go to top )Tax reductionHome Buying PlanningPension PlanningInvestment PlanningInvestmentPortfolio Analisys

Fee based Financial Consultings

Investment in RRSP Educational Planning (including RESP and 20%-40% Government Grants)
Insurance Planning

e-banking (go to top )President Choice Financial

Montreal Canadian Western Bank

Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada Scotia Bank

VanCity Direct Сitizens Bank


Pacifik & Western Bank of First Nations

Developing Countries News (go to top )

Argentina News Internews Armenia/ Brazil Post

Agency Egypt Daily News The Baltic Times

Georgian Economics

and Politics Greece News

India Indonesia Post Moldova Azi Portugal Post China News

Investing with Michael Arbetov (go to top )

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e-mailing (go to top )

Hotmail Gmail (Google) http://login.mail.lycos.com/ http://e15.email.excite.com/

yahoo.ca mail.ru login

Computer care (go to top )

the speed of your internet connection

Free on-line virus scan

Software Canada Web Hosting Directory http://www.easywhois.com/ Tucows – Search for

Seach in other languages(go to top )http://www.yandex.ru/ http://www.rambler.ru/ http://www.google.ru/

Insurance from Michael Arbetovp=4302#top”> ( go to top )Critical Illness Insurance Life Insurance
Mortgage Insurance
Disability InsuranceMedical Insurance For Visitors to Canada
Investment Portfolio Insurance
Choosing the right policy and the right company
Search in Canada ( go to top )

http://ca.altavista.com/ http://www.google.ca/

Other useful sourses

English-Russian-English Dictionary

Box Realty Link Health and Age Sys-Tran-English-

Last Articles On Our WebSourse (go to top) Job gains in Canada and in the U.S. B.C. woman admits to fraud

Canada and economic growth in China B.C. invests $1M to advance breast cancer detection. GGOF comments changing in income trust status. IFIC urges that the RESP limits should be boosted Bank of Canada releases Monetary Policy Report Canadian Monthly News (September 2005)

Prime is up again International Financial News (September 2005) Are You Running a Deficit? Financial Advisor’s Desktop (Canada)

Check your investments on-line (go to top )

ING Bank online

Mackenzie Financial -IvestorAccess Renaissance Mutual Funds

Funds Guardian Group of Funds

Notes Canada Life

Buy insurance and invest on-line www.ArbetovInsurance.com Altamira CI Funds


Canadian Financial Sourses (go to top )

http://www.sedar.com/ http://www.advisor.ca/advisor/index.epl http://www.bcsc.bc.ca/ http://www.fic.gov.bc.ca/

http://www.cfp-ca.org/ http://www.benefitscanada.com/ http://canadianunderwriter.ca/ http://www.cdnunderwriter.com/ http://www.cdnins.com/

acor.org/ http://www.insurance-canada.ca/index.php http://www.advocis.ca http://www.clhia.ca/ http://www.worksafebc.com/

drhc.gc.ca/isp/ http://www.ccra-adrc.gc.ca/tax/registered/rpp-e.html http://www.ccra-adrc.gc.ca/tax/registered/rrsp-e.html http://www.ccra-adrc.gc.ca/tax/registered/resp-e.html

Program http://www.tse.com/ http://www.wce.ca/ http://www.offshorefinancecanada.com/

http://www.gov.bc.ca/ http://www.insurancecouncilofbc.com/ http://canadabenefits.gc.ca Pensions BC Portal

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Free On-Line Sourses (go to top )

Business Plan. Template and Example (Canada)


/Licensing/index.html http://www.123greetings.com/

http://usedvancouver.com/ RosedaleToronto.com
Free Classified


http://www.ontarioclassified.com/ Toronto Place

Free Classifieds Canadian Classifieds

Serving Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Toronto,

Vancouver, Victoria,

Winnipeg and New Brunswick,


Nova Scotia, Ontario,

B.C., P.E.I. and

more !

Shop in Canada

We Recommend Who Is Going (Or Want) To Immigrate To Canada To Read It (go to top )

Business Offers. Advertisements.(go to top )Canadian Company ARM Marketing Services Inc., which ownes this website looking forpartners nospam


Pay Per Service Sources
We Recommend Who Is Living For Up To 3 Years In Canada To Read It.(go to top ) Family, Happieness etc.

(go to top )

Secrets How To Become A Millionaire (goto top )
We Recommend Who Is Living For More Than 3 Years In Canada To Read It.

(go to top )

Job and Extra Income

(go to top )

For Your Business (go to top ) Business-Trader

Business Buy or Sell Profit Guide

BC Corporate On- Line

Renew Business Licence (Vancouver)

Canadian Federation Free Real Estate Guide Businesses For

TV (go to top ) Radio and music (go to top )
List Of Businesses We Recommend (go to top )Great Vancouver
Other Useful Sources (go to top )

City of Online Guide for People Exchange Airmiles with Toastmasters Vancouver

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