Buddhist Temple in Richmond

Buddhist Temple in RichmondThis monastery lies on the way to the Steveston Fisherman Wharf, or, to be more precise, the Market is located behind the Temple, — let’s pay tribute to the sanctuary. Thus, it is approximately in forty minutes ride from the city centre, south of Richmond, on highway called Steveston, its southern side. The sanctuary cannot be confused with anything else: it’s an enormous and colourful pavilion of both orange and red.

We recommend visiting the temple without children, ‘cuz only this way will you be able to achieve true enlightenment and purification of soul. The building was being erected from 1982 through 1984 by donations of well-off Buddhist monks. Admission is free, yet donations are welcome at your own discretion.

From the history of Buddhism. It arose as a philosophy (we don’t agree that it is a religion) in the 6th century B.C. in India, when a prince from the rich aristocratic family named Gautama (later he became known Buddha) achieved enlightenment, however his both legs became dull. I’m not going into details, — tons of literature are written about Buddhism, and you may find lots of stuff about it on the web, as well. I will only mention that Buddhism exists in three branches — «makhayana», «hinayana», well, and Zen. The latter is predominant in Japan. As for the Vancouver Temple, it unites monks of the Makhayana, which is also called the Northern Branch of Buddhism and exists in China, Mongolia, and Japan. Hinayana is popular in the South-eastern Asia — Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. One of its special features is a requirement to withdraw into the monastery approximately for one month in a year for the purpose of self-perfection and purification. Thus we can purport that Buddhism is also the way of life, i.e., observance of specific rules and rituals in daily life, or sometimes it’s even a very strict system of thoughts and believes.

One of the Buddhism commandments says: «The cause of all our sufferings lies in our desires. In order to get rid of sufferings, it is mandatory to get rid of our desires». In this regard we will give a good piece of advice. Do forget purchasing expensive and large houses and concentrate on a townhouse at the most. Also stop thinking about buying a cool automobile on lease. Take sky-train, a bus or bicycle and cease scolding Canada like the wages are too low here and whatnot. Given that, you will find your soul in rest and peace and will achieve genuine enlightenment.

Anyway, our temple is a truly immense and excellent sample of Buddhist sanctuary: have a look at the photographs! And don’t be lazy and come and sightsee it once in a year at least, — hence you’ll purify your soul. I’m not kidding: after you’ve done with going around the property you’ll feel pacified in your humble heart as if you were introduced to something eternal, deep and great. It’s not an exaggeration to mention a well-known actor Steven Seagal who left for Japan at the age of 17, and had spent there quite a number of years studying Zen Buddhism, aikido, karate, and kendo. I remember his speech at the Indiana University when I happened to live there, when the actor said that as a true Buddhist he would never kill a fly or a cockroach. With an uneasy feeling, recalling what he had once said, and sitting in our previous modest apartment in Coquitlam, from time to time I would crush a small red ant, that happened to pass on the plate, or would nail a fruit fly, which involuntarily landed on the edge my wine glass. H-m, to tell the truth, I am not that good Buddhist so far; therefore as a simple mortal I keep on pondering about buying a house somewhere in Vancouver…

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