Письмо о работе в Торонто

Dear Michael,

I’m a new immigrant to Canada (just 6 weeks in Toronto) and an old reader of your very useful site. I’ve always appreciated and trusted your financial advices, thank you very much.

I’m a scientist with almost 19 years research experience, worked for 10 years in Europe (Germany, Sweden, Poland) and now in Canada. With my wife, we have done everything we had to do initially and now she will start a college to become a medical laboratory technician in several months. I’m trying to find a research position at some University in Canada, but it takes much more time than we have had here. I’d like to find some survival job, so as to let my wife study and pay her tuition, while trying to find a position for myself. We have calculated that in late February, our money will be exhausting.

I’m writing you to ask a good advice, since it is clear that a good advice may be extremely important in finding a right direction. In particular, I’d like to ask (you have a very good experience in business, as I know), what kind of temporary survival job would be most suitable for me? I have many very good skills — computers, programming, writing scientific papers (I have a very good written English), editing, proofreading (I’m extremely good in spelling, finding and correcting mistakes), etc. If I’d like to find a survival job, should I take a very low paying job at a call center ($8/hour, but very tiring) or I have a good chance to find a better job? I have a high-speed internet at home and 2 laptops on a local net, and I would prefer of course to use this advantage to find some kind of work from home or based on my computers and the internet.

I would appreciate very much if you could write me and give some advice on the survival job — maybe your single hint would let me solve the above problem, at least temporarily. Maybe you need a very honest, hard working, reliable, and responsible associate? Or maybe any other idea?

Thanks for your time.

With best regards, A.


Уважаемый А.,

Спасибо за письмо и теплые слова о сайте.

Я бы хотел, но не смогу Вам помочь по вопросу трудоустройства в Торонто. Я даже не смогу дать Вам какой-либо совет на эту тему – это не в моей компетенции. Единственное, что я могу для Вас сделать, — это поместить Ваше письмо на этом сайте и, может быть, кто-нибудь из читателей даст Вам совет или окажет реальную помощь в трудоустройстве. Если кто-нибудь поместит комментарий под Вашим письмом ниже, то Вы автоматически получите сообщение по email, такое же, как при моей инициализации Вашего email под статьей.

Скоро на этом сайте появится раздел «Поиск работы». А пока, Вы можете воспользоваться ссылками Андрея Черноуса «Поиск работы через интернет»

Желаю удачи.

Михаил Арбетов.

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