Insurance Education Without The Pressure

Buying insurance or investment products is much different than purchasing something like, say, shoes. With shoes, the stakes are quite low, and you know immediately if you’ve made a poor decision. The worst case scenario is that you buy an ugly pair of ill-fitting shoes which you can then return the next day.

When purchasing financial products, the stakes are much higher, the suitability of a particular product is not always immediately obvious and you are generally looking at a much longer term commitment. In short, you need to know what you are getting into.

Unfortunately, when it comes to insurance and investments, it’s often hard to separate the cold hard facts from the marketing. Sales pressure can also play a role if you are not given sufficient time to truly absorb what you’ve been told.

This is why I encourage you to visit my website, You will find clear and useful information about Universal Life Insurance, Investment Principles, Alternative Investment Strategies and more. From the comfort of your home you can take all the time you want to get the knowledge you need before making any major financial decision.

In addition to learning about insurance and investments, you can run your own Personal Projections to see exactly how a product does or does not meet your specific personal requirements. Learn how you can drastically reduce your tax bill with my Wealth management Strategies.

My website will help you arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions that are right for you. And best of all, it’s free and there is no obligation on your part.

Yours truly,

Michael Arbetov, CFP, FMA
Financial Management Advisor
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