Visiting Vancouver Zoo

It’s a good idea to take your kids on a field trip to Vancouver Zoo. It’s within about one hour drive from the city: you must take highway # 1 in the north direction. The adult admission is $ 13 while all the rest have to pay 10 dollars, yet I redirect you to their website

The Zoo is located in the suburbs, almost in the countryside, which definitely is a bonus. The animals can breath fresh, unpolluted air (I’d say that the air in Vancouver area is all right everywhere). Moreover, the Zoo is not commercialized like many other zoos in the world, including the Moscow Zoo. On the contrary, it’s pretty primitive and simple, — the enclosures are plain without any perks, and rather simplified. Well, isn’t it the way it has to be? Why should we put the beasts’ existence on a commercial basis? Let them reside in piece and keep breathing fresh air. As for the animals, almost all kinds are present – tigers, lions, a unicorn, wolves, grizzlies, zebras and so on. The enclosures are huge, — should their inhabitants get bored of permanent contacts with human-beings, they may easily find shelter some place in the remote part of their dwelling.

Is there anything that makes the Vancouver Zoo kind of different from others? Yes, and it’s an electric train which goes on a tour once in a while (see a photo). We recommend buying tickets in advance when the season is high. In low season the train may be cancelled. But have a look at this page OK, this short tour for three extra bucks lasts 15 minutes: the train makes its way around the inner perimeter. I’m pretty sure that all kids just enjoy it, like did mine. Now and then the train will give a whistle, which spices up the tour.

There is a unique enclosure in the Zoo, where everyone is allowed to enter and be friendly with animals. Although they say that only quiet ones like elks, deer, birds and the rest inhabit it, from time to time the staff would let a bull out – for the fun of the audience. Well, like in rodeo, you know. And they lock the gates so you can see the innocent victim dodge the bull’s attacks. Don’t worry if the bull hits you in the leg – medical system in Canada is for free, so your wound would be treated right at the spot. Yet adrenaline makes those who are trapped inside do their best to keep away from the bull, thus nothing terrible occurs. On top of that, the staff would pick on a healthy and agile folks with strong and fast legs. Don’t panic: there are no tricks with kids, cuz it’s prohibited by law. So my children felt free to walk inside and pet the animals – deer and elks. As for me, I preferred to stay outside, just in case…

Well, and now it’s time to take your children on a real tour to the Vancouver Zoo, so please go ahead.

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