Save Money on Your Mortgage

Save Money on Your Mortgage

Enjoy many rewards and benefits of working with a Sutton Real Estate Professional that has a membership in the Sutton Member Program. Sutton Member Program rewards select clients with an ultra-low interest rate on the financing of their primary residency and helps to save tens of thousand of dollars on your mortgage.

Only Sutton Real Estate Professionals registered with the Sutton Member Program can provide this exclusive opportunity to their clients. Traditional “Best” rate available through every agent/broker – 4.39% 5- year closed fixed. Sutton Member Rate – 3.65% 5-year closed fixed and 3.25% 5-year variable.

Compared to the traditional mortgage rate, Sutton Member rate will save you $115per month, $6,900 over the 5-Year Term, $41,400 over the 30-Year life of the mortgage. You could invest your $115 per month savings into paying off your mortgage and you could own your house free and clear over 4 years sooner.

The rate changes frequently depending on the market conditions. Sutton member program always provide the best rate in the market. Not every client will qualify for the best rate based on their individual financial situation. In order to have a complete commitment and rate hold, the client and the property will need to be approved by the lender.

If you have any questions about Sutton Member Program, you can call me and I will be very happy to provide you with more information.

Your Realtor,
Elena Vinarskaia

Sutton Group – West Coast Realty
Terms and conditions apply. Mortgages facilitated by Finder Financial Services Ltd. at the end with an asterisk after Sutton Member Program*.

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